Sunday, November 11, 2007

A new journey...

As I stepped out of car and in the airport, my heart sunk. It was going to be my first stay outside my country. As I turned back for last time to wave everyone a goodbye my steps got heavier. Checking in, getting the boarding pass, the security check all went off as if I was hypnotized. Vision blurred as past few years flashed on mind like a never ending reel of film. As I saw Mumbai sparkle in lights from the plane above, I knew that there was no turning back now.

Past few days has buzzed off so fast. One fine day, I was called by my DM to ask me about my willingness to go to Mexico. For a moment I thought that it was yet another managerial way to pacify the poor lot of us who had lost out on the ever increasing H1 battle. I agreed without hesitation knowing little what my “si” had in store for me. Come September and the lucky few with visa got busy with their preparations for chilling cold in Charlotte. Taken completely aback, I was asked to apply for Mexico visa.

I panicked. What about my CAT. What about my applications. What about my ISB interview. Many questions but no answer. Right from applying my visa, convincing myself to be prepared, convincing the client of my oracle capabilities (which I didn’t have any) and most importantly convincing my parents. Somehow they always seem to have better argument points than me…especially when it comes to the decisions that I take all by myself and seem to be pretty sure that it would be the best for me.

Next few days would have been the most irresolute days of my life so far. I was taking up something I wasn’t even sure it was right. Grown up in a joint family, surrounded by dozens of cousins immersed in friends, how was I to even think of staying alone? But that was not the only thing that was worrying me. Different well wishers giving different advice. Some built up my courage while others mocked at my decisions. Stranded at a crossroad where the road ahead was not visible and road behind was not traceable. There were nights where I felt lost …not knowing what was in store the next day.

Things seemed even worse when no one was ready to cooperate. The visa, the travel, the forex, the laptop guys... all of them seemed to behave as thought they were ruling the world…all the things were messed up. I kept telling myself to hold on….my parents pressuring me to postpone my trip at least till Diwali, my friends persuading me to rethink, my managers forcing me to move soon….middle of it I cried for someone to hear my voice...someone to stand beside me to tell that I was right...someone to get me out of this maze...

Things happen when they have to…and so here I was …flying over the Indian Ocean…all the way to Pacific….It is said that life happens when you are busy making some other plans. I believe this is just the beginning of lot of things that Monterrey has in store for me….

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