Sunday, December 20, 2015

Late to the party..

Its good to be late to a party is what my friend used to say. I wasn't much of a party goer anyway but you can make a bold statement she said and I played along then. What she didn't tell me however was how late was okay. Turns out that when I tried it today I ended up reaching after the party was over. 
But since I am here now, let me nibble over the left overs and dance to the music that has been left playing on loop.

So, looks like the war over tolerance and intolerance has ended and I never got a chance to add to numerous articles, blogs, posts, tweets that were written, shared, reposted, re-tweeted during the war times. However I made sure I read every single one that was shared with me and I have to admit that after reading all of those, one thing was clear - I am  not the smartest person around.

Now take for example the fact that Aamir Khan made a remark in one of his interview that one time his wife had a thought if they should move out of India. Now I have to say, a lot of people immediately had a brilliant suggestion of sending him to Pakistan. Now what I fail to understand is why someone who wants to leave India to go to a safer place should be sent to Pakistan. Just think about it - I mean moving is a big pain. Aamir will have to sell off old cots and mattresses on ebay, cancel the internet and Tata sky connection, negotiate with the moving company, ask for spare cardboard boxes from the grocery store next door etc. and then you make him do all of this and send him to Pakistan? Now that defeats the whole purpose of moving no? He wants to go to a safer place - do you understand 'safer'? But may be you do and I am just being stupid in asking this question because I am not the smartest person around.

The bits and pieces of the Aamir's interview were all over the news and everyone who is somebody and also everyone who is not somebody was onto news channels taking sides or writing columns on what Aamir actually said and meant. Now I may be over simplifying it but wouldn't it have been better if someone would have just called Aamir directly to clarify - I mean it would have saved everyone's time and energy. At least that's what I think, but like I said, I am not the smartest person around.

The interview was a part of award ceremony to felicitate 'excellence' in journalism. Now with audience full on best journalists in India, there was no question of misinterpretation, misrepresentation, misguiding and all other irrelevant 'mis'. But why did I feel that all ethics of journalism were broken to increase the TRPs and I could not see much 'excellence' in journalism floating around but again, like I said, I am not the smartest person around.

Anyway, looks like I am late to this party and this debate has died down now.
So lets get back sharing information of the food we are eating, the places we are visiting, the friends we are meeting, the movies that we are watching, the things that we are buying because honestly that what I am on the social network for. And even though I am not the smartest person around to comment on this debate,  I am definitely one of the sanest person around....


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