Saturday, March 26, 2016

Seville Day 1 - Fasten your seatbelts

The alarm goes off and we hit the snooze button, few minutes later it goes off again and we hit snooze yet again, this goes on for some time. The husband refuses to come out of the warm and cozy blanket and step out of the perfectly heated room. Such is the London cold and such is a normal day.
But not today. Today the husband wakes up well before the alarm clock and mind you the alarm was to go off at 300 am. So much we do to maximise our vacation time but mostly because it was the cheapest flight out. For me on the other hand, sleep comes first, specially in the winter. Having lived in Mumbai most of my life, I was a firm believer of 'I refuse to go outside until the temperature is above my age' , until I moved to London.
This however does mean that I have my morning chores calculated to the exact minute which sometimes creates a problem. Like today morning, the cab was waiting down while I was trying to gulp down and glass if milk while trying to put on socks. This was accompanied with the husband restlessly waiting at the door with alternate glances to the fitbit and me, me getting a longer screentime.
In all this chaos, the glass decided to quietly slip out of my hand and pour the milk over the scarf. Clearly the perfectly derived task time had gone out of the window. I don't need to say that we were absolutely late. The cab driver expressed his absolute disbelief that he had to take us to London Bridge station in next 10 minutes. Thankfully the ticket machine worked just fine and we made a mad dash to the train for Gatwick.
Anyways, all is well that ends well or rather starts well. So , here I am sitting in the flight eating a croissant and drinking a nice hot coffee. Time to fasten the seatbelts and wait till we land in Sevilla. Time to soak some sun and drink lots of sangria. Who thought that being an Indian, one day I would travel to places in search of sun. Well such is life...

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