Saturday, February 28, 2009

Emotional atyachaar...

As the countdown can see the difference in peoples attitudes, their sentiments, their talks and even their gtalk status messages. It is that time that everyone wants to pause a moment and look back at the time gone by.

I know its a little too early...there are almost 60 days more....but in a 1 year course like ours..days weeks and months hav just zipped by without even leaving a trace. Well the only physical evidnce that we have are a little worn out laptops, lean figures and dark circles.

Thoughts of exams,assignments, grades, lectures, nightouts, placements that once flooded our routine and our minds have suddenly taken a back seat. Previous job comforts, left away appraisals and hikes, hazy future and scary thoughts of jobless days ahead somtimes now clog our eyesight now. 

But the spirit never dies. We all find relief in laughing at each others plight, laughing about how we all have become bankcrupt in past one year, how the next job could actually pay less than what we got earlier n lots of stuff like this. Best way to vent out ones emotions is by using gtalk messages.

Some funny, some inspiring and some of them that make you feel really nostalgic..
"The only thing stopping you is YOU" 
"Memories are good as long as you dont have to deal with it"
"Do not fear going ahead slowly, fear only standing still" 
Some even get devotional with "Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram" 
One of the most interesting message that I came across in past few days was - "Yesterday I was clever.  So I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise. So I have decided to change myself".  Who says nothing is impossible. I have been doing nothing for sumtime now" 
"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all".
"Mera Number Kab Ayega?????"
"I am interested in It Telecom Consulting jobs in 'Forced2' initiative. :) "
"Who says nothign is impossible. Ever tried slamming a revolving door"

So heres the story so far...My heart is stuffed with a little too many emotions to handle... Happiness to get out of Chennai for once...God the weather here sux like crazy... Sad because rock and roll times are about to end and 162 of us will never ever be together again..anxious because am yet jobless with nothing on my radar...Tired and weared out of all the nightouts and assignments. But one thing thats for sure is that may be crisis times like these will come and go...but college days will be gone forever...  (sob...sob)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ek chotisi naukri...

Well they say music transcends all barriers.
I dont know about that for sure but it sure saves me from wasting my laptop battery for writing what we are going through right now...

This has been the song of the campus for quite some days now...
Well hats of to Kishore Kumar and the lyricist to write this song so many years back...the song of the future...true visionaries.. :)


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