Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I pray

The clock was ticking; time was short and ahead seemed to be a joyful day,

I hurried myself to the world outside; I had no time to pray,

Neither a blue sky nor the sun that was to shine brighter,

I was puzzled but God said, I wonder if you asked for it ever.

When I began my walk, on my way today I thought,

I would meet my friends again who have been miles apart,

But all I got was woods deep, lonely and dark,

I asked God why, and he replied, you didn’t ask.

I played a game to win for sure, I was best and I knew I could,

But as it rolled I made mistakes and I wondered if I would,

I lost the game and felt sad, looked up and cried,

You forgot to ask my child, he replied.

Today again a new day, everything was new,

My eyes were tired but there was so much to do,

As I turned myself to the world outside I knew it would be a busy day,

I was so much in a hurry that I had to take time to pray.

Hope, Belief, Faith

A pleasantly cool morning. The place has an ambience of its own. Suddenly this ambience is enhanced by the enchanting ‘swaras’ of the ‘Omkara’. My feet are drawn to the sound. Some 8 -10 boys are seen doing the yoga. The yoga teacher is helping them perform the various 'yogasanas'. Children are carefully listening to the teacher’s instructions and following them accordingly.

Later in that day, students are seen doing a range of activities like variety of envelops, decorative gift covers, paper bags, plastic flowers etc. Jobs keep coming one after the other as per the demand of the season and the occasion. They indulge in creativity by making extremely attractive ‘rakhis’ & diwali lanterns. The ‘Best of luck’ cards for example are on the anvil before the board exams. The most creditable of all is the computer training and data entry training that is imparted.

The word ‘Autism’ is no longer a strange word. It means to be self absorbed or having to do very little with the outside world. Autism could be from birth or develop later. Today there are approximately 80,000 autistic children in Mumbai and about 80 lakh (8 million) in India.

WINGS is a vocational centre located centrally in the city of Thane wherein autistic, slow learners and other mentally challenged are taught and trained in various valuable skills. They bring together these children and foster their learning with a conducive environment, right facilities and most importantly qualified teachers.

The special teachers appointed at WINGS and all the volunteers are teaching and training these children to perform jobs and enhance their skills so that they can hit upon a source of income of their own and enhance their self-esteem. This is our hope, belief and our faith.

Help us create awareness and better their lives.

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