Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to me !!

I got up today before the sun rose high
I felt that I was on the wrong side of twenty five

My mom hugged me as I rubbed my eyes
She said "I wish you a life kingsize
And I hope that you always keep your dazzling smile
and you spread it across as you walk your miles"

My dad patted me, and wished "Happy Birthday
I wish you all the happiness today and everyday
And ever in this journey should you stumble and fall
I know u will come out unscathed and always stand tall"

My grandmom said that "I hope for you now
that you are always surrounded by people you love
and may you build ties that last for life
tons of hellos without any goodbyes"

My grandpa smiled when i took his blessings -
"I am the oldest and today I tell you this
That though I wish for you all the wisdom
May you in life stay forever young"

My Brother jumped and pulled my cheeks
He got me a cake and wonderful sweets
He said that I was the sweetest sister
and our fun and pranks would last forever

My freinds wished me one by one,
on phone, by message and some in person
I felt so special you made my day
I so wanted it the same way

And as shall pass days months and years,
May be some setbacks, some times of cheer,
I hope all your blessing do come true,
I want this all but not without you !!


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