Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dream come true

Today was one of those days that I had longed since my childhood. Supper packed schedule and loads of assignments take care that I dont over sleep and even if i do manage to sneak peak into my dream world, I wake by the horrifying placement dreams that I see.

So as always, with loads of other subjects to study, we had to cope up with this micro economics. All the demand supply curves had begun to converge on the equilibrium points. In the end, all the micro economics to me was the art of free hand drawings and systematic way of intersecting the lines to form a beautiful wire mesh. So today morning I woke up with a start at 4 am after sleeping for complete 3 hours....and began flipping pages. How I wished that i could sleep longer, how i wished the professor would have forgotten to set the paper, how i wished that the printer would have got jammed while printing, how i wished the supervisors wouldnt turn up. (Basically I wished for everything other than the fact that I should have studied earlier). 

I did try to understand different graphs of how a monopolistic market would work and how a perfectly competetive market differs from the former one. After long hard struggle, I somehow figured out the difference (at 4 am all i could see was randomly drawn lines with random names assigned to them). In the end the book said that in reality, a monopolistic or perfectly competetive market does not really exist...grrrr...my temper shot faster than the chandrayaan...then why the hell do they teach such things that do no exist..isnt mba supposed to be "practical" teaching.

Neways..let me not digress from the main point. Somehow i got up from the zombie state and got ready for the exam. No sooner did I pick up my bag than I got a message saying that exam in postponed by an hour. Yipppeeeee...i jumped with joy. I ran with full enthusiasm towards the college. I went there only to find smoke everywhere. There was a short circuit in the college and the power was off. Soon it was declared that the exam was postponed to evening. Not a avery good news though but that meant that I could go and sleep for another hour before the lectures. Then came the news that the exam is postoned till next monday. We all jumped with joy. There were mixed reactions in the crowd. We got "uh-i know-all-and-might-as-well-finish-the-exam" looks from the sincere and intelligent lot and "good-now-i-can-go-n-sleep" from dumb people like me. But who cares, I happy walked back home, ate a good breakfast and went off to sleep.

I had longed many times since childhood that the exam got rescheduled. Today finally that dream has come true. Before sleeping I promised myself that I wud utilise this time doing a deep analysis on the subject. However everyone aorund me knows what the scene next Sunday is going to be :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mass murder

What is a open book test - Its exam when the professor knows that the paper is going to be so tough that the students will not be able to solve anything and he allows books and papers to be carried so that students AT LEAST SIT through the whole exam duration frantically searching for answers in the book.

"It is a open book test. Carry all the material available on earth. All the best" the professor smirked as he walkd out on the last day of the lecture. Past few days had been extremely discouraging. Day after day as new optimiastion techniques were churned out in the class, law of diminishing marginal utility had worked yet again and  increasing cost savings techniquies developed had only resulted into diminishing awareness of the subject.

All charged up to fight this evil, 162 of us gathered at this D-day that is hence forth going to be the Martyr day in the history of Great Lakes. Dozens of paper sheets and books were gathered and piled up in the class. Few people were almost out of their seat trying to fit the books that would save their grace. As the clock ticked 9, my heart skipped a beat, hands trembled and sweat gathered. There was tension in the air. There was a total hush-hush and we could hear the AC growl. It was almost as if the benches and the blackboard were laughing at us. Just then out of nowhere a leader rose and said "Dont worry guys, we shall overcome!!" Such were the encouraging words and with loud clapping we set on to fight.

The enemy attacked us psychologically. The first line read "Any material can be read and used". As i read this I could imagine the enemy smiling victoriously. But I was determined to fight. Questions after questions I read, but yet not a sign of victory. All that i could do is to flip pages after pages in search of some strategy to conquer. Seconds, minutes and hour passed by. All I had done was copied the question as it is (this is old engg days strategy- experience counts you see), done one step out of nowhere and halted the solution. 

Finally, as the two hours almost ended, I cracked one of the problem. I had fought long for this moment. My death was certain, but I had given a good fight. At the end, we all lost to this cruel, unconsiderate enemy but we all had fought courageously against a evil.

In the end, when all die, relative grading saves everyones grace ! :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

From Dusk to dawn

This is not an original post...

Been too busy (read: too lazy) to write one...But post below pretty much summarizes why I havent added a post in past few days.

Yes it’s a mad world out here….. Starting 7 in night and ending 8 in the morning here’s what we need to do-

 1. Read one marketing case and prepare for the end term of marketing management, which is at 8:00 AM in the morning. God knows why exams are scheduled so early in the morning.

2. Understand how markets with asymmetric information work (meaning read, read and read) and make a presentation for tomorrow.

3. Read a strategy case on ‘Orthoteks USA’ and make a presentation for tomorrow.

4. Read TWO cases in optimization techniques and be ready to solve them on some dumb software... huh… how I hate this.

5. Submit an end term report on one global topic before 5:00 PM tommorrow as a part of evaluation for ‘Business government and society’

 With so much on my plate, I am at my all time best. Believe me I am so glad and elated !!! :(



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