Friday, December 12, 2008

Connecting with the world.

Faster internet speeds have brought information around the world to your laptop screens just few clicks away and mobile phones are almost being viewed as commodities in todays age of globalisation and rising telecom power in India.  But listening to the daily happenings by getting glued to television has its own charm.

I remember my vacations when all I did was lie tirelessly on my sofa with remote in my hand and switch channels speedily not to miss single action happening on tv. I used to fill up water bottles and pile up chip packets near my sofa so that I dont have to lift my body weight and drift it along till the kitchen. Offcourse I was too old to attend to nature calls wherever I wanted and hence some energy got used up in squabbling  towards the bathroom. All the entertainment that I missed during the prime time due to numerous K,L,M soaps that my family was fond of had to be recovered during the day. Not to forget all the useless reality shows that I had got hooked on to.

Just a year and half back one of roomie got hooked on to the uselss fights on Big Boss. So much was the addiction that after some days even I used to be curious on whos gonna fight next with whom and whats the next bitching and gossip topic on the set. Not to forget the numerous series of Indian Idols and nach baliyes which I never missed out. Once in a while, out of sheer pressure of appearing for mba entrances, I used to stop by one of the news channels. 

That year later I moved to Mexico. I had no tv in my studio apartment but I was allowed to get glimpses in my owners house who lived next door. It was very frustrating to sit in front of the tv with remote control in someone else's hand. Not to forget the additional annoyance out of watching espanols blabber out indecipherable words and soaps that had the most obscene scenes that I had ever seen. This eventually led to greater disinterest in getting glued and I conviniently shifted to bollywood movies. After I came to chennai, life was something more than just being hectic. We were bombarded with assignments and tests one after the other, and if that was not enough we had guest lectures and more assignements that were in line. All in all, we had a television at home lying without a cable connection. Not to forget the tv and media room provided in college which lied unattended.

But today yet again the day has come where all I did was lie on the cot in the drawing room and switch channels sipping orange juice. So all three of us decided that enough was enough and we needed to have our share of entertainment. Basically we have mastered the art of delivering the best with minimal efforts. Ya we took our time to find ways to fight this evil education system that denies sleep to poor souls but finally have deciphered it. Okay, so I have degraded from the super comfortable sofa to a dhaba-type cot, but the passion of watching tv tirelessly remains the same. Yet again its time to connect to all those fake emotions on tv shows!!


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