Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mass murder

What is a open book test - Its exam when the professor knows that the paper is going to be so tough that the students will not be able to solve anything and he allows books and papers to be carried so that students AT LEAST SIT through the whole exam duration frantically searching for answers in the book.

"It is a open book test. Carry all the material available on earth. All the best" the professor smirked as he walkd out on the last day of the lecture. Past few days had been extremely discouraging. Day after day as new optimiastion techniques were churned out in the class, law of diminishing marginal utility had worked yet again and  increasing cost savings techniquies developed had only resulted into diminishing awareness of the subject.

All charged up to fight this evil, 162 of us gathered at this D-day that is hence forth going to be the Martyr day in the history of Great Lakes. Dozens of paper sheets and books were gathered and piled up in the class. Few people were almost out of their seat trying to fit the books that would save their grace. As the clock ticked 9, my heart skipped a beat, hands trembled and sweat gathered. There was tension in the air. There was a total hush-hush and we could hear the AC growl. It was almost as if the benches and the blackboard were laughing at us. Just then out of nowhere a leader rose and said "Dont worry guys, we shall overcome!!" Such were the encouraging words and with loud clapping we set on to fight.

The enemy attacked us psychologically. The first line read "Any material can be read and used". As i read this I could imagine the enemy smiling victoriously. But I was determined to fight. Questions after questions I read, but yet not a sign of victory. All that i could do is to flip pages after pages in search of some strategy to conquer. Seconds, minutes and hour passed by. All I had done was copied the question as it is (this is old engg days strategy- experience counts you see), done one step out of nowhere and halted the solution. 

Finally, as the two hours almost ended, I cracked one of the problem. I had fought long for this moment. My death was certain, but I had given a good fight. At the end, we all lost to this cruel, unconsiderate enemy but we all had fought courageously against a evil.

In the end, when all die, relative grading saves everyones grace ! :-)



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