Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I pray

The clock was ticking; time was short and ahead seemed to be a joyful day,

I hurried myself to the world outside; I had no time to pray,

Neither a blue sky nor the sun that was to shine brighter,

I was puzzled but God said, I wonder if you asked for it ever.

When I began my walk, on my way today I thought,

I would meet my friends again who have been miles apart,

But all I got was woods deep, lonely and dark,

I asked God why, and he replied, you didn’t ask.

I played a game to win for sure, I was best and I knew I could,

But as it rolled I made mistakes and I wondered if I would,

I lost the game and felt sad, looked up and cried,

You forgot to ask my child, he replied.

Today again a new day, everything was new,

My eyes were tired but there was so much to do,

As I turned myself to the world outside I knew it would be a busy day,

I was so much in a hurry that I had to take time to pray.


The Neverknown said...

good one. keep em coming.

Nihit Nirmal said...

nice..makes lots of sense.

The Surfer said...

good one... so ma'am ab poetry mein aa gayi hai....

nice attempt.... luvd readin it :)


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