Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to me !!

Hello everyone! Thank you all for your wishes and before anyone asks me, ‘Happy 25th birthday to me’!  Ok well, the last time I checked I was 25 and then after that I lost the count. So this is the most accurate I can tell as of today. Moreso, if Shahid Afridi can claim to be a teenager for a decade extra, I am not cheating much I say.
So today on my birthday (since everything I do is ok), I thought I will come up with a ‘Guide book’ for myself.
To dear Gauri (Age 5),
  1. RELAX! Make the most of today, enjoy and have fun. You don’t know what will happen in the future, we live in a mad world you will see. Chances are that few years from now, North Korea would have already destroyed the world or China would have taken over. So take a deep breath and relax!
  2. The same WORLD though also has good, kind, warm people. There will be people with tremendous achievements and yet are extremely humble, people who are simple, honest, hardworking, intelligent, knowledgeable, having unique perspectives and interesting lives. Enjoy their company as they will make your life worth living. Also if you don’t identify yourself with any of these qualities, you have gone terribly wrong. Try to be one of it, atleast.
  3. It’s good to PRAY everyday. Be thankful to be blessed with numerous things that many around you are not. Moreso, if you want a Samsung Galaxy 3 from God, ask for it loudly and clearly because even if God turns a deaf ear to your request, your husband might overhear it. So you increase the probability that way.
  4. DONT run after money even if you think it’s a good cardiovascular exercise. As long as you have enough money to buy a waffle with 2 scoops ice cream after your dinner, you are good.
  5. EAT as much as you want and whatever you want! England is bitterly cold, so you won’t be able to show off your perfect figure under a terribly oversized woollen overcoat. And India will give you a sun burn and nasty glares if you walk out in a skimpy dress. So no point running after size 0, its useless anyways. But don’t ruin your health.  
  6. LOOK at the brighter side when things go wrong. You will learn it the hard way, but in the end you will realise that it was not that bad after all. It’s easier said than done but I have realised that unless you are an owl, not much can be seen in the dark anyways.
  7. Learn to DANCE. Try to keep it classy but also remember there is nothing so liberating as dancing in the Ganpati procession. I would be sad to know that you never experienced it in your life.
  8. DO stupid things once in a while just because you want to. Sometimes, behave madly, throw tantrums and turn the house upside down. But don’t get jailed.
  9. LAUGH. Like everyone, you are not perfect too! You will make mistakes, fall often, cry over silly things, face loneliness and even humiliation but eventually, be rest assured that you will survive this. Once you have come through, look back and laugh at yourself. If you find it hard to laugh at yourself, there would be many who will be happy to do it for you.
  10. Make good FRIENDS; they will make your growing up immensely pleasurable. The stupid things that you will do together might seem embarrassing when you grow old, but they will still make you laugh till your stomach hurts.
  11. REMEMBER what Mark Twain said - ‘When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years’. Ripleys believe it or not, your parents are the sanest people on the earth. The sooner you come to terms with this fact, the better it will be for you. In any case, you don’t have any option but to listen to them. So shut up and fall in line.
  12. WAIT for the right guy to come in to your life and then never let him go! Waiting is a wonderful thing and has amazing outcomes you will see. That might mean you will have to tolerate the taunts from that annoying relative who will claim that you have well past your marriageable age and you will end up alone for the rest of your life. This might mean that you will have some days with nothing to do because other friends are caught up in their own life. But wait; and you will find a wonderful person. Once you find one, beg, cry or threaten him but don’t let him go!
  13. ENJOY! Enjoy everything. Enjoy the annual day in your school, the scout and guide trek, the competitions, your results, crisply ironed uniform, a new haircut, your first salary, high heels shoes, getting drenched in the rain, a tasty dish, a new country, making a new friend, a cheese burst pizza, a crowded train, the festivals , a sizzling brownie, a good movie, enjoy till you get tired of enjoying and then enjoy more.

And Last but not the least, be true to yourself! You are about to begin a wonderful journey, tread carefully! Life is calling, where are you?
From Gauri
(Claiming to be 25)



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