Sunday, April 24, 2016

Seville Day 1 - Idling in the plane...

By the time the flight took off, I was wide awake.  The husband decided that it was important to catch up on the sleep so he dozed off as soon as the flight was in the air. That means I was stranded sitting between the sleeping husband and a teenage girl who was so engrossed in playing Candy Crush over her Ipad that I dared not interrupt her to start any sort of conversation. I scanned three rows ahead and behind me but I could not find anyone who was awake and without a electronic device glued to their hand.

So I thought that the best way to pass time would be to read the in-flight magazine, except I forgot that I was flying Ryan Air. Ryan Air is a low cost airline, I mean I am cheap too but Ryan Air beats me hands down. They charge you ridiculous amount of money if you forget to print your boarding pass, they sell scratch cards on flight and at one point they were even considering charging people for using toilets, so you know what I mean, they are cheap. Safety cards are printed on a tacky yellow plastic on the back of the headrest in front of you which is simply just offensive to your eyes. Not only that, they have taken away the seat pockets ! So there’s nowhere to put your belongings during the flight. It’s a pointless form of discomfort, probably just devised so they can psychologically screw with their passenger and did I mention that they are cheap?

OK, so the point I am trying to make is that no seat pockets equals to no magazines to pass time and I had to find some other way to beat the boredom.

Just then I realised that no seat pockets also means no sick bags. Now I don't get motion sickness but imagine how it would be just in case there was a turbulence and if I was to get really sick and about to vomit. I started imagining how the events would roll up - I would call for help but probably no one will come because its Ryan Air or the attendant might come with a sick bag but by that time the vomit would be already flying through air.  I imagined how the vomit would come out in slow motion, I tried to imagine it in the way they show in movies where they pause the hero kicking in the air and go around 360 degrees. So I went around the vomit and in between zooming on the expressions of fellow passengers. In all this slow motion imaginations, the husband was still seen sleeping.

I think this weird imagination went on for sometime but I am not going to detail it here lest I make you all sick if I have already not. Eventually I fell asleep because I don't exactly remember on what happened next but I was woken up by a sudden thud when the aircraft landed in Sevilla.

Upon landing, there was this really annoying music that Ryan Air played to celebrate the fact that the flight had landed on time. It was cheesy and probably the last thing I wanted to hear after a really uncomfortable flight but I think was too excited to have set foot in the city where the sun shone brightly in the sky ...



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