Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The gift of God

Well my blog may look like being extremely philosophical but past few days have forced me to think about how I am living my life, what is it that I really want and what is the real meaning of my dreams and if I can really realise them.
One of my very good friends, Amol, based in US had a sad untimely death when they had gone for jet skiiing. Another boat collided on his boat and he met with this fatal accident. As much as I cant stop thinking about this, I am just not ready to believe this and still feel that this is a dream, somehow he would call me, mail me, scrap me...anything just anything would do. It feels like I could just wake up from sleep and see everything just alright, just the way it was before.

I think that the greatest gift that God has given us is life. We see people struggle, slog through their lives, people cry and laugh, fall and rise, lose and win, but all the while, they can feel it and so can they touch the lives of others. There are challenges that are thrown, life brings in with it lot of surprises, pleasant and not so pleasant. Some people conquer them all and rejoice the success and some fail to make it big. Whatever it is, it is still not the end of this beaultiful thing called life. They fall and get up again and there lies the glory of life.

The point I am trying to make here is let us take a stop and think of how often we crib about the bad roads, the sultry weather, the lack of order, the traffic jams, the bad food in the office, the crowded trains, the bad customer service, the load shedding, the pollution, the honking of the horns, the bad grades, the job that sucks, the uncleanliness...this and many more. From the time we get up till we till we close our eyes. I just want to say that its time we start cherishing this gift called life.

I once read a thought saying " I cried so long because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet". Look up to the challenged, physically and mentally, learn a lesson or two, learn about the stories of their conviction, determination , stories of endurance and pain to reach a pinnacle of success. Talk to a man who has survived an accident or who has just comeout from a coma or a soldier who stands guard on the line of fire. They are the people who help us realise what a wonderful gift life is.

Life is full of surprises where we dont know what is in store for tomorrow. It is said that today is a gift and hence it is called present. Let us learn to live in the moment and live it to the fullest. It is not wrong to have dreams. Let us all have a dream that we can chase, a dream that can bring out all the passion, the best out of us. But today let us not hurt anyone , today let us make an effort to better someones life, today let us call someone just to say 'hi', today make use of the time cause tomorrow may just not come.

Probably, time and again such instances force me to look at life from a different perspective. All said, Amol would always be in my memories and this loss is simply not recoverable, to his family, freinds and everyone. Amol, u will be truly missed....


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