Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Language no bar !!

It all started because of my unfamiliarity with Facebook. I happened to change some settings on my account and it so happened that my relationship status got changed from 'Single' to blank. Little did i know that it would trigger a Note on everyone's feed that 'Gauri Lonkar is no longer single'. None of my friends wasted any time to start of a chain mail on this gossip and made wild guesses of all possible people speaking different languages.

But thinking of it on a more serious note, a sudden realisation dawned upon me of all the possible choices that I can make for myself. So here goes the story-

Being in can comfortably assume that there is a good probability that I have learnt Tamil. Not very fluent at it but can definitely speak some of it. Well atleast some words like "ennada, tambi, kutti" easily come to me. I know they are far from the words needed to strike a romantic relationship with any tamilian, but trusting the age old saying that 'well begun is half done', I can always give it a try.

Also, you can fairly call me multi lingual as my Spanish is also pretty strong. And considering I was the only Indian girl out there in Infosys Mexico, wasted no time in flirting with the extremely smart and good looking Mexicans guys. Learning spanish was just a reason to have nice long chats. But in the whole flirting process, I actually ended up learning quite some words. So much was the influence that when i came back home, I used "si" more often than "yes".

Great Lakes (btw- this is my college name if you all dont know) has this unique passion of teaching the students Chinese or Mandarin as it called popularly. And having wasted enough time in learning complex symbols and weird pronunciations, I can proudly say that I have topped Mandarin classes so far and have managed to talk beyond Ni Hao Ma.

Offcourse, Marathi and Hindi is like my mother tongue.And thanx to my freind CG and his Gujju lessons during our engg days( he was actually ahrown out of the class for the same), Kem cho..majama ...all this comes quite naturally to me now.

Well, I did try learning Kannada while in Banglore, but for this discussion let us safely assume that I failed badly in my attempt and so u can keep that out for the discussion.

Well the sad part is that my english has gone for a toss. Juggling between tamil, hindi and english is probably far difficult than a rope walk. We often end up saying 'anna, one day before, water order, you no give". Even more embarrassing is when the shopkeeper shuts your mouth by saying "OH you mean yesterday you ordered for water" and the whole bunch of classmates break into a laughter riot.

OK, so coming back to the story, I have actually decided to leverage on this newly developed talent of being able to talk in so many different languages. And hope that this attempt to socialise may probably result in what all my friends called it as ' Gauri Lonkar is no longer listed as "single." '

So, if I am somehow able to assign appropriate weights to all the languages and come out with a fair estimate of my fluency in every language, then I can probably focus better. :)


The Neverknown said...

ure no longer single?? nahiiii **bangs wall with hands melodramatically**


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