Friday, November 7, 2008

From Dusk to dawn

This is not an original post...

Been too busy (read: too lazy) to write one...But post below pretty much summarizes why I havent added a post in past few days.

Yes it’s a mad world out here….. Starting 7 in night and ending 8 in the morning here’s what we need to do-

 1. Read one marketing case and prepare for the end term of marketing management, which is at 8:00 AM in the morning. God knows why exams are scheduled so early in the morning.

2. Understand how markets with asymmetric information work (meaning read, read and read) and make a presentation for tomorrow.

3. Read a strategy case on ‘Orthoteks USA’ and make a presentation for tomorrow.

4. Read TWO cases in optimization techniques and be ready to solve them on some dumb software... huh… how I hate this.

5. Submit an end term report on one global topic before 5:00 PM tommorrow as a part of evaluation for ‘Business government and society’

 With so much on my plate, I am at my all time best. Believe me I am so glad and elated !!! :(



The Neverknown said...

aah! one new post and that too written in that scholarly language - bschoolese


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