Monday, February 15, 2010

The choice

A young man in his mid twenties sat by the river, head hung low,
Eyes weary, thoughts blocked, what to do, he didn’t know,
The birds returned to their nests and the sky had shades of wrath and pain,
Why couldn’t he choose, why did he have to face this constrain.

Alas his friend said, the sun has set, let’s just toss a coin,
Since you cannot, let it decide your fate, your destiny, which road to join,
He shivered by this thought, tried to stop, he was puzzled,
But it was late; the coin soared high, and even in this dark hour, shimmered.

How he wished to fly, over the mountains across the seas,
How he had toiled through nights to live a life of his dreams,
Far away set the place, he could rise high and prove his worth,
Could he let go, the luxury, pleasure, moments of pure joy and mirth?

He could smack down his misery and pay back his loans,
See the grandeur and beauty at his career’s capstone,
He craved for this so much standing at this split end,
But something unusual happened as the coin began it’s descend.

Her face lit up in his mind, she was pretty and full of grace,
Her eyes with trust, blissful touch, her faithful embrace,
He could never let his dream house tumble like this with the wind,
The ocean of memories he would never want to leave behind!

The coin zipped by his face and landed, he stood there with his perplexed look,
He hoped the coin would say the same, but his friend swinged it far across the brook,
He smiled and said ‘it doesn’t matter on which side it landed,
I just wanted you to know what your heart really wanted’.


Nihit Nirmal said...

makes sense...guess there is some quote like this too...
Nice poem..i can very well picture my self as that man by the bank of the river.

The Neverknown said...

GOOD read!

Gauri Lonkar said...

@nihit - yea there is a quote, i have read it too..
@ashray - thanks

labyrinth said...

good stuff soldier !!..proud of ya !

Gauri Lonkar said...

thanks captain !! :-)


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