Thursday, February 25, 2010

Autobiography of Sachin’s Bat

As they say and I quote, when Sachin plays, men and women, the big and the small in the house finally agree on one – to watch him bat.

This is my tribute to an extra ordinary innings !! Sachin, I bow to thee!!

As we walk down to the crease I hear,

Thousands whistle with vigor and cheer,

For he knows he has promises to keep,

To fly high the flag and live up the dreams.

I can feel the tension as we gear for the challenge,

To get the ball rolling and to set it ablaze,

We need to rock it past the grasslands,

We can do it for sure cause I am in the right hands.

But sometimes I misjudge, I miss a space,

I sway it across but in wrongs ways,

And sometimes I fall short, as hard as I may try,

To reach the crease, as I see the bells fly.

But many times we smack it far,

His talent, his vision, my grip, my power.

I love it when the crowd roars and cheers,

And the man behind the stumps groans with fear.

I sense the liveliness double in the stands,

And drums and trumpets lash out of the bands,

Banners of praise, fun and dance,

To shout and scream they get a chance,

But best of all is when he holds me high,

Looks above and points me to the sky,

And though his friends and foes know there is God above,

They would rather bow down to Sachin for now.



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