Monday, November 21, 2016

India Diaries - Day 3

Considering the late end to the party the previous night, my day started at a reasonable hour or so I thought. I was feeling quite tired but after a while, when I made sense of the situation in the house I gathered that the door bell had rung several times since morning starting with milkman, paperwalah, kachrawalah and the bai, my grandparents were almost ready for the second breakfast, the tea prepared in the morning had turned stone cold, dad had already completed 5km walk as per the fitbit and mom had finished cooking the afternoon lunch half an hour ago. I must have at least slept for a day I thought, but then I saw the watch and it was only 830. I could not believe that yesterday's party had no effect whatsoever on the universe but me and everything was status quo. I realised that may be, just may be there is a possibility that the world does not revolve around me. But I let that thought pass because I like to think it's otherwise.

Now everytime I am in India, anyone I meet greets me with one of the three comments "oh you have lost so much weight" or "you haven't changed a bit" or "you seem to have put on weight". I can never understand how the three statements can coexist but I am pretty sure that everyone feels obligated to make a definitive statement on my appearance. So just to make it easy for everyone, like shakira says, hips don't lie and so doesn't my weighing machine, so don't feel pressured to judge my weight, I will figure out sooner or later. Also needless to say, mom always feels that I have lost several kilos from the last trip and trust me, if that was really true, I would have disappeared by now. But this time, the husband was getting all the attention and all the energy of the house was being directed to have a menu of his choice to suit his troubled stomach. Perhaps the centre of the universe is gradually shifting to the husband I thought, but again I might be over analysing the issue.

Later in the day, we made a mandatory trip to a mall nearby and I was amazed to see so many foreign brands crunched side by side in a mall that is nothing short of a maze. It made me wonder why I had spent several hours last week gathering useless gifts, but I digress. The purpose of the trip to the mall was very clear, my parents wanted to buy something for the husband but with his choice. Now I found it a bit odd that no one mentioned anything about me while leaving the house but what was shocking that once the husband was done, there was a sudden rush to go home for lunch as I could very well do my shopping online. I had started to sense that may be the centre indeed was shifting but then it could be that they were really hungry.

The final nail in the coffin was put when my aunt invited us for dinner. Never before has she ever decided a menu without asking me but today was all about the husband. I felt that the husband was kind of enjoying this new centre of gravity who, I must admit, also left no stone unturned to thrust himself firmly on the centre stage.

The dinner was fabulous so I couldn't complain and just when I was about to hand over the crown to the husband, my aunt and the cousin told me that they would make my favourite dish on my cousins birthday. When we were back home, my grandparents gifted me a new 2000 rupee note for my shopping. Later that night, when I was packing for Indore, my parents told me that I would be missed for next few days. It seemed that after all I was still at the centre of the universe.

But then may be, the husband and I both can be the centre of the universe. Or for that matter, the world is a happy place with several centres as every child is truly the focal point for the family. And no matter how old I become, their world will still revolve around me and now also perhaps the husband.



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