Friday, November 25, 2016

India Diaries - Day 5 & 6

The day started with feasting on the leftover vada pav from yesterday and the cakes and the biscuits. Since there was no PR to be done for that morning, we were summoned to make the mandatory trip to the mall. To be honest, my shopping patience is pretty limited, infact contrary to the stereotype, I hardly shop just to avoid several hours of misery of queuing up near the changing rooms and making a mess of the hair while trying on the clothes and then dragging the feet from shop to shop. This is too much trouble and unnecessary waste of energy. Also malls in India are usually full of tourists loitering around in the air conditioned space to beat the heat more making it impossible to manoeuvre successfully without bumping into a head or two. Life has become a bit better with the new era of online shopping.

So anyways the husband and I head towards the mall nearby which is surprisingly empty due to combination of factors such as weekday, afternoon and off course demonetisation. I usually buy sweaters and warm wear there as the coziest thing I can find in Mumbai is a raincoat. The staff in the mall is surprisingly uninterested and when asked if there are other sizes, they just declare there aren't any without even looking for it.

Post the shopping, the husband and I head out to yet another venture of some PR to meet yet another acquaintance of the inlaws. The MIL orders us to meet them as apparently she has had to lie several times to them as to why we couldn't meet them on our yearly trips. Having heard this several times gets me thinking on why it is so hard to accept the truth that I spend several hundred pounds to spend sometime with the family and that it's not always possible to meet all possible people who dropped by at the wedding whilst it is something that the husband and I would love to do. Anyways, it seems that the logic doesn't hold much stand so we are on the way. I silently thank my friends who never ever complain that the husband hasn't been able to show up on the PR exercise.

On our way back we pick up oranges and carrots, or so we think. Only when we reach home, we are told by the MIL that we actually picked up a different fruit from the same family called 'Kinnow'. Earlier in the day, the husband and FIL were commissioned to buy 'tondli' but they ended up bringing home totally something else. After these two incidents the MIL has realised that we are not fit for handing over any shopping list and has probably vowed to do any further shopping herself or under her supervision. I am not surprised.

Later in the evening, we visit the Ganpati Mandir nearby and the newly constructed temple is beautiful, huge with an ornately decorated roof and has a nice positive vibe to it. The campus is huge, and has other small temples around it. Funnily people are taking selfies with the God, where is this society heading I think, and after this facepalm moment, we head back to home.

The dinner is in the Sayaji restaurant which has amazing food with fancy names - like Nargis Do Pyaza and Birbal ki Handi. Off course we have over eaten and with heavy stomachs and contented heart, we return home.

The next day begins with a typical Indore breakfast, poha and kachori and it's amazingly delicious and crazily spicy. The plan is to meet a friend on the other side of the city, and after several hundred calls and thousands of opinions floating in the house, we finally go across the city and meet the friend. After several days of excessive intake of the food, we are in good coma and we have light dinner and the Indore stay has come to an end.



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