Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Morning class....

What happens when managers are pulled out of a corporate and suddenly put in a 3 hour class. What happens when a suddenly super rigorous course has a two weeks break and you comeback thinking you are all fresh to learn new things. What happens when you just manage to finish a assignment sitting through whole night at 6.00 am and are made to attend a class at 9.00 am in the morning.

Well they all seem to be very normal scenarios for a b-school until u see people struggling to be awake fifteen minutes after the class starts or hear loud snores all around you. Here are top 5 ways to fight sleep-

5) Most primitive way of keeping awake...the never defying x-and-zero game, pictionary, bollywood. But they do not match the 'b-school' standards. Some try to read the "true facts" section printed on the last page of the register for the 132nd time. The other creative lot get down to fashion designing. Flashback to school in the drawing class and we see budding managers using their creative paintbrush. Pracitice live sketching.( of the professor offcourse). Well but most realise that how pathetic their right brain is and give up on showing their creativity further. Well if you are miserable at drawing, there are other ways too.

4) Try sitting erect. Believ me, posture does matter :). However this doesnt remain for long and as you feel that you are curling in the confined space of the chair as if it were your bed, change the way you sit. Keep changing from left to right, fold your leg, remove your shoes, wear then again, play with your pen....do all this until your neighbour gives you really 'stop-that-or-you-are-dead' look. Time to move on to the next idea.

3) Water can do wonders in terms of momentary wakeup calls. Gulp water down the throat as an when needed. However fellow benchmates soon realise the power of these H2O droplets and the bottle is soon emptied. So what could have kept you awake for 15 whole minutes results into keeping neither of the three awake for even 5 minutes. Neways, there are other ways of stopping your eyelids from closing.

2) Start ferociously copying whatever is written on the power point presentation or whatever the professor burps out. This way with your hand working faster than the mind, the eyes might agree to co-operate. However, this cannot last long and as time passes the fellow classmates hear a sound of pen plummet down on the ground and the elbow thud on the wooden desk. Time to try something else.

1) I suppose the best way to keep awake is to ask questions. However stupid they might be, when the professor answers looking straight in your eyes, you just cant sleep. Well say for example, your neighbour has suddenly woken you up. In that case you casually ask "Sir, I didnt et that..err.can you please repeat it". Well you may get some "what-the-hell-looks" from the really attentive lot or "Good-question-now-i-can-sleep-for-some-time-look" from the other few. In both cases, being under scrutiny will wake you up.
Well if nothing of the above works...Dont worry...Just go to sleep....Zzzzzz.......


Nihit Nirmal said...

you rite good ladki...
brilliant posts (all of them)...keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Good words.


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